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maxflow automotive filters
Using Maxtech® technology with our Maxflow® air filters ensures maximum filter stability and prevents filter clogging. The filter paper is high-quality embossed and remains pressure-stable and tear-resistant even in damp weather conditions.
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biolight halogen globes
Biolight® has developed a practical street legal upgrade that improves safety by increasing the light volume 50%
•Longer life than other performance globes
•50% more light on the road*
•20 metres longer beam
•Suitable for use with poly-carbonate headlamps
•No increase in power consumption or heat
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Maxedge™ Wiper Blades are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure a crisp clean wipe. The low profile low lift design uses a galvanised zinc steel frame and stainless steel rivets for maximum corrosion protection, along with plastic bushes for a smooth operation, less noise and longer service life.
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Maxflow® has used its expertise in total braking systems to produce a range of brake pads that provide outstanding performance, good life and low noise.
Maxflow® brake pads have been formulated to match driving styles and ensure that, regardless of the vehicle, braking performance can be optimized to suit your needs.
Enhanced with off-road durability. •Long life brake •Anti noise shims •Quieter by design •Minimal or no dust •Excellent pedal feel •High heat resistance •Responsive hot or cold •Consistent smooth braking
dasco cool and maxcool in australia since 1986
Dascool Dasantin® D88® is a premium-grade coolant that employs hybrid technology. It contains a mixture of inorganic and organic corrosion inhibitors to protect the cooling system. Dascool Dasantin® D88® is a concentrated coolant which must be diluted before use. Dasantin® D88® is coloured bluish green..
Maxcool® with Dasantin® protects your engine from damage. The high temperatures in the cooling system and the presence of the water that is used to dilute the coolant create ideal conditions for corrosion. The water pump or even the whole cooling system can be damaged if no coolant is used, and this can cause the engine to fail. Dasantin® protects all of the materials used in the cooling system and prevents the radiator and the whole engine from damage. Corrosion inhibitors play a decisive role in protecting the engine. They react with the metals in the cooling system and form a very thin but extremely hard-wearing passive layer on the surface. Dasantin® protects all of the materials in the cooling system from damage, including components made from rubber and plastics. The products in the Dasantin® range of premium coolants reliably protect your engine from damage.
vagos performance diesel stationary engines vagos performance diesel stationary engines
Vagos™ V2 12kW (16.09hp) of horsepower that keeps on going with Advance Angle system fuel delivery, electric start and a 3 year Warranty*
vagos performance stationary diesel engines
Vagos™ SD1 12kW (16.09hp) of horsepower that keeps on going with Advance Angle system fuel delivery, electric start and has Forced fan cooling. It comes with a 3 year Warranty*

smittybilt electric bikes melbourne australia
Smittybilt Electric Bikes, home of the electric bike, showcasing the widest and best selection of electric bikes in Melbourne! Visit our web-site and check out online our fantastic range of electric bikes. Smittybilt electric bikes is about the lifestyle, health and financial benefits an electric bike can provide you all with enjoyment.
varta car batteries
Varta Batteries come with a PowerFrame that will provide the power of starting the engine and run the vehicles accessories longer than any other battery in the market.
kima stationary desiel electric generators
KIMA stationery diesel generators provide you with all the power you need. Please contact us is you require any further assistance relating to this product.
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